17 oz. Silicone Coated Fiberglass Red

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Red Silicone Fiberglass is base fabric meeting
military specification Mil-Y-1140C which has been
impregnated with our specially formulated silicone
rubber compound. It provides greater abrasion
puncture and tear resistance to our base fiberglass
fabric. This heavy-duty silicone impregnated fiber-
glass fabric provides greater life, water and oil
repellency than uncoated fabrics while providing
low smoke and flame retardancy.
50 Yard Roll Size

Fabric & Weav Fiberglass/Satin Weave
Weight: 17 oz./sq. yard
Thickness: 0.035 inches
Temp. Resistance: 500 ĚŠ
Tensile Strength: Method:FTMS 191A/M5102
Warp: 500 lbs/in
Fill: 400 lbs/in
Tear Strength: Method: FTMS 191A/M5136
Warp: 75 lbs/in
Fill: 50 lbs/in
Flame Resistance: Method:FTMS 191A/M5903.1
Flame Out: 1 second
Afterglow: 2.5 seconds
Char Length: 0.3 inches max avg
Burst Strength: Method:FTMS 191A/M5122
Mullen: 400 lbs/in2 min avg

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