WOVEN TAPES (ALTEX 400); PSA (PSA-.125-.75)


Mauritzon offers a broad selection of tapes, ropes and tubing to solve
your special insulation problems. Materials provide service temperatures to
1800°F. Select the product that best suits your needs from the following:

FIBERGLASS Fiberglass material with service to 1000°F. Good physical strength.
Resists oil, acids and moisture. Also available with pressure sensitive back (PSA).

ALTEX 400 Aramid blend material with service to 650°F. Excellent strength and abrasion
resistance. Very flexible with little stretching. Offers good chemical and mildew resistance
and is unaffected or only slightly weakened by most acids and alkali solutions.

SILICA Highest thermal characteristics. Service temperature to 1800°F with
excursions to 3000°F. NOT recommended in highly abrasive environments.
Good flexibility and resistance to moisture, oils and acids.

Use as a wrap for water
and steam piping. To
protect hydraulic lines
and as lagging and
electrical insulation.

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