TUF STUF™ (18 oz.); Color (Burgundy)


61” wide vinyl coated polyester. For industrial/
commercial and military applications includ-
ing truck covers, field covers, heavy equipment
covers, exterior curtains and more. High tear,
puncture and water resistance. Excellent cold
crack. Heat sealable.

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Technical Data

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Weight, oz./sq. yd.: Method 5041 18
Adhesion: Heat Seal 11.5
Tongue Tear, lbs.: Method 5134
Warp: 90
Fill: 80
Trap Tear, lbs.: Method 5136
Warp: 50
Fill: 40
Strip Tensile, lbs.: Method 5102
Warp: 341
Fill: 320
Grab Tensile, lbs.: Method 5100
Warp: 460
Fill: 432
Cold Crack, °C: MIL-C-2096E. para. 4.3.7 -40°C
Mullen Hydrostatic, psi: Method 5512 700
Mullen Burst, psi: ASTM D 3786 700
Punctuate Resistance: Method 2031 Fed Std. 101C 248
Flame Resistance: FMVSS 302 4’’/min.max.

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