TTS-10HUV consists of two sheets of high-strength polyethylene film lami-
nated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. A heavy-duty scrim

reinforcement placed between these plies greatly enhances tear-resistance
and increases service life. Heavy-duty diamond reinforcement responds to
tears immediately by surrounding and stopping the tear.
TTS-10HUV is used in applications that require good outdoor life and demand
high puncture and tear strengths. The two outer layers of TTS-10HUV contain
high concentrations of UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to assure added
outdoor life up to approximately two years.

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Technical Data

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Appearance Clear Clear
Thickness, Nominal 10 mil 0.25 mm
Weight (Per 1000 Sq. Ft.) 51 lbs. 23 kg
“1” Tensile Strength ASTM D751 57 lbf. 254 N
Elongation at Break ASTM D751 800% 800%
*Grab Tensile ASTM D751 90 lbf. 400 N
*Trapezoid Tear ASTM D4533 69 lbf. 307 N
Hydrostatic Resistance ASTM D751 90 psi 621 kPa
Mullen Burst ASTM D751 175 psi 1207 kPa
Maximum Use Temperature 180 F 82 C
Minimum Use Temperature -70 F -57 C
WVTR ASTM E96 0.0185 0.2868
Method A g/100in2/day g/m2/day
Perm Rating ASTM E96 0.0418 0.0275
Method A U.S. Perms Metric Perms
Burning Characteristics ASTM E84
Flame Spread Index Method A

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