Super Shade Mesh (86% Shade Mesh); Size (ft.) 6 x 6


Mauritzon’s New Super Shade Mesh is the perfect outdoor
mesh fabric for all shade structures and canopies. Designed to
allow air flow to significantly reduce temperatures beneath.
Super Shade Mesh’s knitted construction prevents tearing and
fraying while the high UV resistance ensures colors remain vivid
for years. High quality knitted construction combines Monofilament
and tape to produce a dimensionally stable fabric that will not tear or
fray if cut. This Mesh fabric goes through a process known as “stentering” which heat sets
the fabric to produce a stable and consistent fabric that has minimal shrinkage.
Highly resistant to mold and mildew this fabric is easy to clean. Made in the USA.

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Size (ft.)

6 x 6

Technical Data

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Material: 100% Polyethylene
Width: 72”
Weight (ASTM D-3776): 10.32 oz. / yd2 (350 GSM)
Breaking Strength (ASTM-D5034, Grab Method) Warp: 186 lbs. Fill: 397 lbs.
Breaking Elongation (ASTM-D5034, Grab Method) Warp: 61.4% Fill: 41.8%
Tear Strength(ASTM–D5587, option 1) Warp: 79 lbs. Fill: 163 lbs.
Bursting Strength (PSI) (ASTM-D3786) 537 psi
Air Permeability (ASTM-D737) 495
High U.V. Resistance
86% Shade / Wind Break

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