These nylon and polyester threads are manufactured from quality high tenacity,
heat resistant, continuous filament yarn. They are “Thermal Set” which creates
a low elongation soft thread, imparting many of the sewing characteristics of
natural fibers. The non-wicking finish helps to eliminate capillary seam damage.
Special waxes, silicones and oils are applied to lubricate the thread, reducing
needle heat while increasing sew ability and aiding in the application of constant
machine tension and good loop formation.

Non-lubricated thread is also available.

A high performance twisted multifilament polyester sewing thread with advanced UV protection
and nonwicking finish specially designed for outdoor applications where seam strength
retention and fade prevention during UV exposure are required. The advanced UV protection
reduces strength degredation over traditional filament polyesters while reducing color loss or
fading. The nonwicking finish helps reduce moisture migration through the seams.

– Improved resistance to strength loss from UV exposure over standard polyester filament thread
– Good seam strength
– Consistent diameter and excellent ply security
– Superior Sewability
– Non wick treatment to limit moisture migration
– Advanced UV protection helps reduce color fade from UV exposure.
– Available in standard marine and awning colors

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