SATTLER FIREMASTER PLUS Highland Park Forest Green



Sattler’s Firemaster Plus is designed to increase flame-resistance to comply with
stringent building codes and to provide the utmost safety. Firemaster is primarily
a commercial fabric, intended for hard-wearing and durable use. Solution-dyed
mod-acrylic is more flame-resistant than natural fibers like cotton. Sattler Firemaster
Plus adds a patented flame-retardant finish to its mod-acrylic fabrics, which makes
this product even safer. It is rated as a B1 construction material, suitable for light
industrial and office buildings, up to four stories tall. It’s also certified by the
California Fire Marshal as a flame-retardant material.
In addition to that, it has an extra-strength water-repellant finish that makes the
woven mod-acrylic fabric virtually waterproof. Not a PVC plastic looking top coating,
but a PVC-free pigmented knife coated paste, which maximizes light fastness and
achieves a waterproof status (>800mm water column) on a woven fabric.

Compliance with fire standards ÖNorm A-3800-1 and DIN Norm 4102-1 B1, SN; 198898, California Fire
Marshal Reg. No. F-67201, NFPA 701 Test I and Test II, and CPAI-84 Title 19

– 5 Year Limited Warranty

– Special flame-retardent fabric
– Reliable shelter from rain (waterproof)
– Excellent dimensional stability
– Odor-free coating


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Highland Park Forest Green

Technical Data

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Base Fabric (DIN 60 001): PES / MAC
Total Weight (DIN EN 12127): 400 g/m2
Width: 120cm
Weave (DIN ISO 9354): Plain 1/1
Linear Density (EN ISO 2060): warp: 167 dtex x 3
Tensile Strength (daN/5 cm)(DIN EN ISO 13934-1): 185 / 90
Max Tensile Strength Elongation (DIN EN ISO 13934-1): 48% / 30%
Tear Strength (daN) (DIN EN ISO 13937-2): >2.2 / 2.2
Water Column (EN 20 811): >800 mm
Water Repellency (spray) (EN 24 920): Grade : 90
Resistance to Water Pressure (EN 20 811): >800 mm water column
Oil Repellency (AATCC 118): Grade : 5 (uncoated side)
Colour Fastness (DIN EN ISO 105-B04): Min. 7
Fire Classification (DIN 4102-1): B1

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