RECWATER Linen Tweed/Back Tan



Recwater® is our outstanding Recacril® with
the addition of a PVC coating. The result is a
fabric that is highly resistant against any
water or weather influence. Recwater®
combines water-resistance, beautiful design
and various color combinations for awning,
marine and walkway shelters.

-5 Year Limited Warranty

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Linen Tweed/Back Tan

Technical Data

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Base Fabric: 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber
Width: 59″
Weight: 17.40 oz. / sq. yd.
Standard Put-Ups: 65 yards / 60 meters
Finish: One side PVC coated
Abrasion (ASTM-4157): 40,000 Rubs
Hydrostatic (AATCC-127): 100 cm
Tear Strength (ASTM-2261): Warp: 10.9 lbs Fill: 6.9 lbs
Tensil Strength (ASTM D-5034 Grab): Warp: 333 lbs Fill: 185 lbs
Shrinkage (Method 5804-100 Hours): Warp:0.4% Fill: 0%
Stretch (ASTM D-2594): Warp: 0% Fill: 0.6

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