Flame Retardant Vinyl Laminated Polyester; Color (Navy)


• Extremely strong and durable
• High tensile and tear strength
• Anti-mildew treatments & U.V.
pigments for weatherability
• Fire-retardant to pass California
State Fire Marshall Test

Gym mats, wall pads, protective
pads, jump pit covers, sports
bags, gym divider curtains,
netting headers, laundry carts,
general purpose covers

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Technical Data

SKU VLP-S-18 Category

Weight: FS 5040 14 oz.
Finish: Leather
Width: 61”
Thread Count: 9×9
Std. Roll Length: 75 yd.
Denier: 1300
Tensile Strength: FS 5100 (Grab) 365×348
Tear Strength: FS 5134 (Tongue) 92×83
Adhesion: FS 5970 (Peel) 28
Flame Resistance: CSFM PASS

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