17 oz. Acrylic Coated Fiberglass 60”


Economical, coated fiberglass welding material.
The high visibility, incombustible fabric can be
used for vertical curtain applications, sparks and
spray containment, grinding shields, arc flash
barriers and as a fire retardant weather barrier.
Available in 17 oz. for light duty.
Color: Salmon
50 Yard Roll Size

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Technical Data

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Fabric & Weave: Fiberglass/Plain Weave
Weight: 17 oz./sq. yard
Thickness: 0.016 inches
Temp. Resistance: 300 ̊ F
Tensile Strength: Method: ASTM-D 5034-95
Warp: 300 lbs/in
Fill: 270 lbs/in
Tear Strength: Method: ASTM-D 5587-96
Warp: 35 lbs/in.
Fill: 30 lbs/in.
Flame Resistance: Method: FED 191/5903.2
Flame Out: 0 seconds
Afterglow: 1 second max
Char Length: 1 inches max
Burst Strength: Method: ASTM-D 3786-87
Mullen: 475 psi.

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